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July 18, 2010


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Yep.  You're reading it right.

I'm making a sequel.  I've been storyboarding a lot of ideas the past little bit and I think I've come up with a pretty solid outline.

Just so you know, I'm not even close to starting the rough draft of the first chapter.  I'm still in the drawing board stage of things, it'll be months before I even start to legitimately write.  But it's coming.  And until then, I'm going to tide you guys over with a snippet of info every week.

This week's info:

The story will take place 19 years after the end of the first story, and will take place at least in part back in the pokemon world.

Be prepared... >:3
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=D YAY!!!!!!!!! This cheers me up. :) I just recommended AnimatedRose to your work. ^^ I'm sure she will love it! I will be responding to your other comments tomorrow probably. -nod-

I am anti spoiler so I will be surprised as for what goes on (I won't be reading the other journals to find out what will happen). I figure this will also allow me to make long comments of my predictions and such. :)
DeeForty-Five Nov 14, 2010  Student Writer
Actually, this isn't really "spoiler"--the sequel will be written under the assumption that the reader is familiar with the first Storm Clouds and these updates, and some stuff that is spelled out plainly here will only be alluded to in-story.
I leave for just 1 summer and the whole world goes upside down. This is what I get for leaving the internet.
DeeForty-Five Sep 26, 2010  Student Writer
Oh man, this is really awesome news.

I'm glad you're not writing another story with the original protgonists - I loved Dan and Missy (especially ESPECIALLY poor Missy), but I really think their story is done. As the main heroes, at least ... if they are the parents of one of the protagonists, PLEASE don't play the 'Parental Abandonment/Best Parents are Dead Parents' card JUST to keep them out of the way! Seriously, killing off parents CAN be good for drama, but it's also highly cliched, and people can rarely do it very well (see 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' for the best example I can think of ...)

But in any case, it'll be good if you take your time. You're a great writer, and each chapter is quite a work of art.

I admit, I'm curious - you're calling this one 'Storm Clouds II'. Not 'Pokemon: Storm Clouds II', just 'Storm Clouds II'. Hmm ... of course, I may simply be reading too much into things, but let's not forget Luke's device can cross more than one dimension. Whatever ... we'll see how that turns out, but do NOT answer this query.

I actually DON'T think that Masque should return. Don't get me wrong - he was a really great villain, an entertaining character in his own right, and his unpredictable personality made for a good a surprisingly complex mystery throughout the story (admit it readers, there were moments early on when you actually thought he was a GOOD GUY!).
But I can't see any way of using him that'll look like anything other than character exploitation - bringing a character back just because he's popular. An 'Ensemble Darkhorse' who turns into the 'Spotlight Stealing Squad'.

(Hey, I'm a Troper too!)

What I mean is that Masque was effective, but bringing him back will, I feel, result in either a rehash of previous themes and story ideas (with his abilities), or it will result in Villain Decay, making him less interesting (typical 'revenge plot', etc.) Or even worse, you could compromise the original effectiveness of the character by making him a GOOD guy who wants to Atone (after seeing what a monster he is), which really wouldn't be as interesting. No character should be pushed to the absolute limits of their characterisation, it simply results in Broken Bases and old, tired cliches (Redemption Equals Death, anyone?)

Not that you CAN'T bring him back again, but if you do, make sure it's done RIGHT.

Actually ... it might be effective to bring him back, but not as the Big Bad - rather, bring him back as The Dragon to the NEW Big Bad. It could create some rather unexpected, possibly entertaining interplay and change the dynamic of the story. I admit, I'm getting this idea largely from the animated series 'Teen Titans', in which original arch-nemesis Slade (after his death in the Season Two finale) was resurrected as the right-hand-man of the Big Bad from Season Four - to really good effect, in my opinion.

These are just ideas and recommendations, of course - I always try to give advice on good storytelling.

Oh - and you could make this sequel into TWO sequels (if you want), possibly ending the first one (Storm Clouds II) on a cliffhanger, and then ending the next (Storm Clouds III), with a definitive conclusion. Well ... if you want to, of course ...

OK ... I'll shut up now.

DeeForty-Five Aug 14, 2010  Student Writer
Don't worry, I have absolutely NO intention of killing off Dan and Missy for this story, especially not to make drama. They'll have their own roles to play and that's that.

I also agree with just about everything you said about Masque, particularly because bringing him back after his very final death would ruin all the closure of the original story, and completely trash the whole thing. Of course, there's a difference between killing a person and killing their legacy...

Hope you appreciate the story when it comes out. Glad you'll be onboard!
Okay, here I thought you would make a different story. But I am glad to see that there's a sequel now. I wonder who the new hero might be.
DeeForty-Five Jul 25, 2010  Student Writer
I'll just have to guess.
This should be good. Also, I request more Firearms. I still think the best ending for Storm Clouds would have been Masque getting a lethal dose of .45 lead, applied directly to forehead. Though what you did was certainly good, I found myself wondering [link]
Oh well. Anyway, looking forward to Storm Clouds Part II: Electric Boogaloo.
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