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Nuzlocke Adventure 4: Wind Beneath My Wings

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 1, 2014, 11:14 AM


1—All pokemon must be nicknamed.

2—I must attempt to catch the first pokemon I see in any route or area. I may catch no others in that area.

3—If a pokemon faints, it is considered “dead” and may no longer be used. I will release them from the next PC.

4—Legendaries cannot be caught or used.

5—The Pokewalker cannot be used.

6—If the first encounter is a duplicate of a pokemon I already have, I may ignore it and re-try for a new one. After three re-tries, however, I must catch the fourth one even if it is a dupe.

7—Gift pokemon, such as Bill’s Eevee or the Tyrogue from the Karate King, can be accepted and used and do not count under the “first encounter” rule. Forced encounters, such as Sudowoodo and the Red Gyarados, however, do count under the “first encounter” rule.

8—In-game trades are acceptable, but out-of-game trades, even to make pokemon such as Haunter or Graveler evolve, are not.

9—The Daycare Center cannot be used to breed, but it can be used to level up pokemon.

10—If all pokemon in my party faint, or if I am in a situation where I need to use a move like Cut or Surf to progress but have no pokemon that can use these moves and cannot obtain one without breaking the rules, I lose and my adventure ends.

Deaths so far: 0

Badges so far: 0


Violet City

So remember how Emilia’s details say she frequently dozes off? That’s no joke! Whenever I speak to her, she’s always sleepy or yawning. How cute, my dozy little Gastly!


Actually, with their natures, their personal details, and how they act when I speak with them, each of my pokemon has their own little personality. Emilia is perpetually sleepy, Carmen is happy and frolicsome and loves to play, Felix is a well-meaning doof (he tries his best, but doesn’t really understand his own strength or the big picture, which is why he does things like K.O. that Pidgey on Route 29. He’s also always goofing around!) Franklin is headstrong and temperamental, but super loyal to me, his trainer. If my pokemon had a “leader,” it would probably be him.


I trained all my pokemon to Lv. 12 on Route 32 in preparation for the Gym battle. Every time I so much as looked at an enemy Mareep, Static would activate and I’d get paralyzed. It’s just like Tackle—10% my ass…


I stand before the Violet Gym, Franklin at my side. It’s time to challenge Falkner.


Inside, the guide gives me advice I already knew. I battle Falkner’s stooges on thin, railing-less wooden planks suspended high above the ground. This seems like a bad idea for some reason. Franklin cleans house, and a single potion brings his HP back to full. I swap Felix to the front so that Franklin can duke it out with Pidgeotto at full power.


Nothing left but the Leader himself, and I’ve got some choice words for him!


Hey, Falkner! Heard you inherited this Gym from your old man. I know you want to fly in the sky, but that requires wings, not daddy’s coattails!


Uh-oh… now he’s mad!


BOSS: Gym Leader Falkner

Hot damn I love this battle music. He leads with Pidgey, Lv. 9; I send out Felix, Lv. 12. Felix hoses it down without even taking any damage. But that was just the starting act. Here’s the showdown of the century:


Franklin Lv. 13 vs Pidgeotto Lv. 13!


Guns blazing, Thundershock all the way! First attack gets Pidgeotto just below half HP. It’s faster, so Falkner could heal it up with Roost and drop the Flying weakness at the same time, but he’s an idiot and just Tackles again. Franklin’s second attack sends Pidgeotto packing.


“…for pity’s sake! My dad’s cherished bird pokemon!” Whoa, Falkner, those aren’t even your own pokemon? What are you doing, man? Respecting your dad and trying to live up to his legacy is cool and all, but running a Gym requires more than just an imitation of the older generation. You can’t just inherit it and use pokemon that aren’t yours. Step out of your father’s shadow—be your own man!


…ahem. The Professor calls, probably to try and bask in my greatness—lord knows he doesn’t have much of his own. He wants me to carry that Egg for him, because actually doing his own academic research is just too hard! Whatever. We’ll pick it up.


Eh? Mysterious Japanese lady ambushes me outside the poke mart! “That Egg is truly an important Egg. Please do take care of it for me.” Wait, for you? Just who are you, lady?

The day is mine, and so is the Togepi Mystery Egg, the Roost TM, and the Zephyr Badge. Now that bald jerk should let us travel south! Next time, we’ll be traversing the treacherous Route 32. Stay tuned!

Current Teammates: Felix (Totodile), Carmen (Rattata), Franklin (Mareep), Emilia (Gastly), Mystery Egg

Previous Entry: Nuzlocke Adventure 3: The Ascent

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